OST Overlord OP – ED (Complete)

Download OST Opening & Ending Overlord Season 1 (S1) Full Version Mp3

Hi guys, I will share the Opening & Ending ost anime Overlord mp3, free download only on Ada2Ajh

Hai guys, kali ini mimin mau membagikan Download OST Overlord Opening (OP) Full, OST Overlord Ending (ED) Full version. yang sudah Complete opening maupun ending Summer 2015 320kbps mp3 free download untuk semua ost yang ada disini dan sudah mimin sediakan linknya dibawah.

OST Information
English: Overlord Season 1 (S1)
Japanese: オーバーロード
Type: TV
Premiered: Summer 2015
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Game, Magic, Supernatural
Score: 8.07

Download OST Overlord

~ Opening Theme ~
  • #1 (Opening 1) “Clattanoia” by O×T

~ Ending Theme ~
  • #1 (Ending 1) “L.L.L.” by MYTH&ROID

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